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We are the Roadrunners, friends for fun, safety and knowledge! Welcome to Chapter G2 of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association, based out of Greenville, Texas. We cordially invite you to join us for adventures, fun, lots of great dining experiences, long enduring friendships, camaraderie, safe riding and education. There are no Chapter dues that are paid by our members, we will sometimes have raffles, rallies, that help fund the chapter's needs, but there is no requirement to participate. We even have no requirements to ride a Goldwing. We have chapter members who ride Harleys, Can-Ams, Victories, or even other Honda types.

We ride most weekends, and a couple of times a month on weekdays. Our rides range from the east Texas piney woods to The Colorado Rockies to Niagara Falls. Some ride trikes, and we have one side car, but most are two wheeled GL1800s. Some members still work, some are retirees, some are in their 40s, and some are in their 70s. Our riding experience ranges from under a year to 40+ years. 

Chapter G2 is family friendly. We enjoy good, clean fun.  There's nothing going on that would embarrass you in front of your kids or mother. Together, as friends and like minded chapter mates, we share, we ride (and eat) our way across the back roads of this great state and country.

Here at G2 we wear helmets and practice safe riding habits. Most have CB radios, many carry first aid kits, are First Aid/CPR certified and take the Experienced Rider Course on a regular basis to keep riding skills honed and Master Rider Levels current. We attend chapter, district, regional and national rallies, participating in as many safety seminars as we can fit in. Join us by taking the GWRRA pledge to be the best and safest rider you can be by going through the Level Steps, educating yourself and riding safely to attain the Master Rider Level.

We gather on the first Tuesday of every month at "The Buffet Palace" in Greenville, TX.  and on the third Tuesday at Napoli's in Wylie at 6 pm to eat and socialize, and the meeting starts at 7 pm. Don't let the word “meeting” turn you off. We take care of business, but we laugh, bond, have door prizes, raffle off a home made cheesecake, talk about and plan upcoming events, rallies and rides, share war stories/ experiences, share technical issues and have a great time. One of the very best perks of being a G2 member is the camaraderie you will find by participating with people who share your values and love of motorcycling. Once you participate, your social life (and waist) will never be the same. We do love to socialize around the table, and have some wonderful cooks amongst us.

We are a small chapter with about thirty active members and sixty on the books. Even though we are Greenville based, very few members actually live in Greenville. Some ride 30-45 minutes to participate, and that will be the case with most small town chapters. 

If you'd like to check out more about GWRRA or actually see what chapter life is about for yourself, please go to for the national web page or to view the Texas District web page. You can find all the web sites in chapters across Texas on the District site. Click on friends, then chapters/CDs. Click on the chapter letter and it will pull up their web page. Did you notice all the smiling faces and beautiful motorcycles associated with chapter riding?

Belonging to a G2 is like having an extended family. Bonds are forged, lifelong friendships are made. A simple ride becomes an adventure. You can cut the camaraderie with a knife it's so thick, and your chapter mates are there for you. One of our members was in St Louis when his bike broke down. He called a chapter mate. The chapter mate stopped what he was doing, got a trailer and drove straight to St Louis, brought the stranded couple home and wouldn't take a dime for his effort. That's the caliber of friendship in G2. This is one story of many. 

We are pleased you stopped by and hope you will come ride with us! Whether you're new to the area, new to riding, just looking for someone to ride with or are new to GWRRA we're looking forward to meeting, riding and sharing some great times with you!